I love to spend some time to create fun and unique artworks! Art is one way I choose to express myself, and below I am sharing some of my art creations for you to see, and even try out yourself!

Mandala Art – The art of relaxing & colorful dots!

Mandala Art can be a way to express yourself through dots and patterns, or just to relax your nerves in a creative way! It is quite simple, as you can see!

Mandala Art Tutorial – Priyankha K

Water marbling – Creative & Unique!

Water marbling is a fun (and sometimes messy) kind of Art! Any piece of water Marbled artwork could never be replicated!

Water Marbling Easter eggs Tutorial – Priyankha K

Crochet – Easy Handiwork!

Crochet is an easy form of handiwork which can be learned in no time! There are so many things you can craft with this simple but neat skill!

Crochet Stuffed toy Tutorial – Priyankha K
Crochet Bracelet Tutorial – Priyankha K

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