Hi everyone! I thought I would just share a short list of my favorite books that I read this School Year. Thanks to 7th Grade and my interest in Badminton, I haven’t been able to read so much, but I did manage to catch a couple of good books. I have listed below 5 of my favorite books/series from this school year. I’m sure many of you will enjoy reading these! Please comment if you have any book recommendations!


1. Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins

The inspiring autobiography of record-breaking athlete, inspiring military leader, and world-class personal trainer David Goggins. This book tells of his struggles, challenges, successes, and more. This book gave me an insight on how to take every single bit in life and turn it into something positive. There’s a lot to learn about life!

2. The Selection Series (Books 1-4) – Kiera Cass

A great read for lovers of fantasy and fiction! The Selection is the story of the selecting process for a partner for the heir to the throne of the fictional country Illéa, Maxton Schreave. It describes the life of people living in a place where a person’s class/caste in society defines them for the outer world, whilst spinning the tales of living life in luxury.

3. Winning Ugly – Brad Gilbert & Steve Jamison

A book filled with detailed routines and strategies to help with mental battles in tennis. It has great advice for athletes which can definitely be applied in all kinds of sports! It is a book that surely will put an athlete on the best path mentally during their career.

4. Orphan Monster Spy & Devil Darling Spy – Matt Killeen

A duology of fictional books about a 15-year-old Jewish girl, Sarah, whose mother is shot in their attempt to flee from the territory of the nazi. She meets Helmut Haller, who in reality, is a British spy working against the nazi regime. Together they plot against the rules and ideals of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, hiding behind the disguise of Sarah’s childlike figure. An intriguing and suspenseful series that also gives an insight into life during the time of the nazi rule in Germany.

5. Death Note (Books 1-12) – Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata

A dark manga series about clever high schooler Light Yagami who discovers an unconventional notebook which can kill people. Hoping to achieve true peace and justice in the world, Light begins to kill criminals in Japan using his notebook using the name ‘Kira’. Ironically, Light’s father is the Chief Commissioner of the Kira Investigation unit, and Light joins them and the master detective under the alias ‘L’ in their search for Kira, thanks to his intellectual abilities. Will Kira be able to achieve his ideal piece? Or will L put an end to Kira’s killings?


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