My channel, Priyankha K (Formerly known as Splash It!), is a space where I share things that are part of my world – and possibly yours too! My videos are mostly centred around the things that I love most; Literature, Baking, Art, Fun and mostly, Friends and Family! I welcome all kinds of suggestions and ideas, and will gladly take them into consideration for future videos. Below I will put the link to my channel page and some of my most favorite videos for you to explore yourself! Please don’t forget to like my videos, subscribe to my channel and share it with friends! Also share my website to those you know πŸ˜‰

Feat. Shruti, Shambhavi & Manasvi from Do it with Manasvi
Feat. Manasvi from Do it with Manasvi
Feat. (UK website for local communities there)